Thursday, September 29, 2011

Hyrna Herborgar III: Done!

I think I mentioned in my previous post that Hyrna Herborgar is one of my favourite shawls ever. The pattern is pretty, the transitions are perfect, the border is absolutely wonderful and it has so much air in it which makes it be delicate and elegant.

So, no more talking. Here are the pictures:

Hyrna Herborgar III
Unfortunetely when I took the picture I didn't have the best light so the color doesn't look as it really is. It is a brighter shade of pink.


* Pattern: Hyrna Herborgar.

* Yarn: Evilla 50%wool 50%linen.

* Weight: 90g.

* Neddles: 4.0m and crochet 3.0mm to cast off.

Hyrna Herborgar III
The edge fans are so pretty and in addition to it the cast-off techniche is so smart that it only adds more beauty to the shawl.


* Began with a garter stitch tab (I love this method. The result is always very neat).

* This is the fisrt Hyrna that I knit using a yarn that was no Evilla Artyarn 8/2. While I was knitting it I was a little bit worried about the final size of it. I kept thinking that it was going to be too small ad that i should have used bigger needles. As usual, blocking made the miracle. The final size was surprinsingly bigger that what I expected. I blocked it fiercely to get the most out of the shawl.

* Blocking this shawl is rather simple. I just used two blocking wires and lots of pins. The secret is to bend the corners just enough to allow the edge pattern blossom.

* The cast of is pretty simple and there is no need to worry about the tension of it. It is made with a crochet hook by crochting 3 or 5 stitches together following the pattern to shape the tips and making a chain in between, which I think looks terrific!

Hyrna Herborgar III

* One thing that all of us (the ones taking part of the KAL) agreed on was that the charts can be improved. It is sometimes a little tricky to follow it (especually regarding to the center stitch). Other than that the pattern is very smooth.

* It is possible make a bigger version of it by adding enough repeats of the spiderweb pattern and having in the end two extra edge fans (one on each side of the middle one). To do so we calculated that it is necessary to knit 24 extra rows (or 6 repeats) of the spiderweb. Gummi made it like that (pictures will come soon).

This shawls just confirms the fact that I really like this shawl a lot. This will be FOR SURE not the last one!

To finish, a few pictures of my last trip to Snæfellsnes when Eva was still here visiting. I took these pictures with an oldhalf frame camera (canon demi s):

Svörtuloftaviti, Snæfellsnes

Skarðvík, Snæfellsnes

Talking & Picking up berries
Djúpalón. Girls chatting (By looking at Eva's facial expression I wonder what they were talking about!) and Gummi picking up blueberries.

Djúpalón - Taking pictures
Lava by Djúpalónið.


  1. jajajaja la cara en la foto, que le habra dicho , jajajaja, mi mente perfida piensa y se rie sola jajajaja,
    huy el chal es precioso, no sabia que existia esta calidad de lana y Lino ,
    tengo un lino ah , y la verdad no me da mucho tilin, ....
    en todo caso este chal es precioso ,
    bueno y las blueberrys estan ricas ?
    en la ultima foto, mira fijate bien, parece que las rocas dibujan el continente americano, me parece bello :)
    besitos ,

  2. Muy bonito pero me parece que es un pelín dificil de hacer. Te has dado una trabajera poniendo alfileres. Espero que hayas quitado todos antes de acostarte!!!.

  3. That was such a fast knit for you!!! Gorgeous as usual!! My own KAL for the Hyrna was put on hold but hopefully we will cast on soon. I need have my friend visit your site for inspiration:).

  4. Precioso!!!!! Da gusto bloquear el chal una vez terminado, realmente no tiene nada que ver antes o después. Por la expresión de la manos no será que ha visto un bichito entre las rocas ???

  5. Que perfeccion en el bloqueo!!! El chal es increible, qué manos tienes!!!

  6. Dásamlegt! Hlakka til að sjá það með eigin augum í kvöld.

  7. Me encanta !! como todos tus chales, son una maravilla.No se cuanto se tarda en hacer uno, yo creo que tu ya los haces con los ojos cerrados.
    Bsos Mayte

  8. When I was waiting for your website to download, I could just see the upper 2/3's of the title and I couldn't believe it! I thought, "You have got to be kidding me! He has it done already!!" Of course, then I could hardly wait to scroll down and see its beauty. There are no words available to express what I think of it. It is absolutely beautiful, and the color....what can I say?! You know this will always be #1 in my book. Pink and then such a fantabulous pattern...WOW!! Love, love, love it! :-) Enough of my exuberance. When do we get to see the others? (I'll try to like them at least half as much as I like the pink one :-) What's next?

    I'm not so sure about the pictures. I am near-sighted in one eye and far-sighted in the other, so these half-frame photos can really throw me for a loop. Maybe how I'd see if I were a drinker and were drunk! :-) I have to really concentrate on one side at a time. Does look like all of you had a fun day taking pictures, picking up berries, and goofing around. :-)

  9. :Dd hermosoooo!! un día,, quiero tejer como tú :D , y voy cayendo en cuenta que,, aunque estoy tejiendo en rosa viejo,tipo marron, nunca he tejido en rosa :S mmm,, me gusta,, aunque esta fuera de mi gama dark,, jaja debo cambiar!!1,, las fotos son muy lindas,, jaja,,, y.. yo tambien me quede pensando... ¿¿ donde duermes cuando bloqueas??? jajaja seguro tienes habitación de huespedes y no nos quieres decir ¿¿eh?? jajaj.. saluditosss.. ale.

  10. Precioso el chal! Ahora siento auténtica curiosidad por tejer con ese hilo mezcla con lino.

  11. The shawl is wonderful: great job! You are really a mster lace knitter....
    And I do love a lot the half frame pictures, I had never seen any, so I spent quite a time enjoying them, thank you!

  12. A lacelover: Gracias por pasar :) La verdad es que esa es una de las gracias de este chal... tiene un aspecto mucho más complicado de lo que realmente es. No es difícil de tejer, para nada :) El bloqueo con los alfileres es la parte más complicada si se quiere obtener un resultado simétrico :)

    Iaia: Cómo vas con tu liliac leaves? El bloqueo es magia... a veces un poco difícil pero vale la pena el esfuerzo... siempre :) Eva... ni idea qué estaba pasando allí... pero su cara es muy divertida! jeje

    A joyfulgirl: Gracias!! El bloqueo es mi parte favorita!!

    Mayte: gracias por tus palabras :) Esta es la tercera vez que tejo este chal así que ya conozco todos los trucos y mañas! jeje

    Judi: Even I was surprised about how quickly I made it... well... it is the third of the same that I make so I know all the little tricks involved in this shawl :p I already have the pics of the others... I just have to upload them... I think I will be doing it today :)
    I glad that you liked it!! And I am glad I used pink... as I told you before I am really starting to like pink (and a lot!!).
    The pictures... yes, they are small because it is a half frame camera, so from a 36 exposures film I can get 72! Isn´t it a great thing for my personal economy!? hehe. This camera is really old, it was made in 1964 and it is amazing that it still works as new! I still have to finish the film that I have in the camera that you sent me!

    Ale, jeje, bueno, cuando bloqueo duermo en el sofá, jeje. El problema es que a veces se me queda algún alfiler en la cama! Por suerte hasta ahora no me he pinchado! jeje.

    Sunsun: Esta mezcla con lino es de una marca que se llama Evilla que es de Estonia. No sé si estará disponible en Espana... cuéntame si la encuentras...

    gis: thank you so much for passing by! I am no master, hehe, I just enjoy lace too much! The half frame pictures are really fun... if you pair them correctly they can look really cool!

  13. Astonishing shawl! I like the closeup. I can almost feel how it feels to touch the yarn. I must get myself some wool-linen lace yarn sometimes. It looks gorgeous.