Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Driving in Iceland and new keyring

This week I have finally changed my car! I had a little car before, a Citroën C3 which is a really nice car especially because it doesn't spend too much gas but the biggest problem was that it is good only to be used in the city where the roads are paved... and that limited a lot where I could go because here in Iceland there are still A LOT of gravel (or simply stone) roads. The is even a section of the main highway (the one that goes all around the island) that is still unfinished!

On the way to Dettifoss
This is an example of a gravel road... this one is pretty good though :p

I remember that two summers ago we went to travel to the West Fjords and most of the roads were just TERRIBLE and we were driving a Ford Fiesta... the result was that we managed to break a wheel! Not fun!

The access to many beautiful spots is usually horrible. Like for example:




Beach close to Önverðarnes - Snæfellsnes

Dettifoss (Let's see if you find me in the picture!) 

This is one of my favourite waterfalls in Iceland. I guess that the video says it all.

Dýrafjörður [Spegill][Espejo][Mirror]
Somewhere in the West Fjords.

... so after thinking about it for a while... the decision was made and we got a 4x4 jeep! Now it will be so much easier to travel without the fear of breaking the car!

Ok... now all this blah blah is just to show you my new keyring!

I needed a new keyring for the new key of the car. I didn't feel like buying one so I remembered that about two years ago I made on to give as a present to a friend of mine. The result was extremely cute!

New mini lopapeysa keychain

So now I made another one but this time for myself:



  1. lovelovelove!! have fun in your new jeep - i hope you will be using it to travel to many exciting and beautiful places so you can take pictures to share ;)

  2. Bello! Great Rod :) I'll try to make the keyring! And the landscapes in Iceland are absolutely breathtaking...

  3. Las carreteras estarán mal, pero el paisaje es espectacular, el llavero en una monada,gracias por visitar mi blog,la tienda de Avilés si la conozco,a la chica de Oviedo no, pero quien sabe, algún día la conoceré que Oviedo no es muy grande,
    Saludos Mayte.

  4. First I thought you made up the word 'keyring' by putting together 'að keyra' + 'driving' :D

  5. estaba escribiendo y no se que paso :(
    bueno las fotos fantasticas, que lindo debe ser alli , estuve una vez a punto de ir , con mi amigo gay ... y no fuimos al final, y me arrepiento , porque debe ser tan lindo , los paisajes tan naturales , y tanto color, que hermoso
    es otro constraste ... muy distinto de verdad
    pero por ahi ute no echa de menos a veces ?
    bueno que mas, el jersey esta lindo ,me gusta mucho , a ver si me animo y hago uno , y asi te hago de comerciante ( la broma jejeje )
    bueno rodri , pasalo genial saca muchas fotos, muchas, y disfruta de lo lindo que te da la vida !!
    besitos mil

  6. Felicidades, un super coche, ideal para las vacacioens!!!!!!!
    Hace mucha ilusion que nos pases el patron del mini lopapeysa. Muchas gracias.

  7. ..looking at your pictures,one would love to book a flight right away... and thank you for sharing the pattern... you live in such a special country...
    may you always arrive happy whereever your car takes you...looking forwared to your next post.. jodeljuhuuu Christa

  8. Hermosos los paisajes, se respira una pureza de ambiente que escasea por aca, felicidades, y los llaveritos, preciosos, muchos muchos saludos, bye.

  9. Felicidades por el coche!!!! los paisages son preciosos y el llavero encantador. :-))

  10. thank you for this wonderful trip, beautiful
    and for this tiny knit explcations

  11. breathtaking landscapes and so nice keyring. I want to go to Iceland

  12. Congratulations on your new car/Jeep. Definitely a better vehicle for expeditions than a Ford Fiesta! You certainly present to me a different Iceland than I have ever envisioned. Your very first photo of the day is definitely how I have always thought of it - vast, rough, and barren. And then you throw in there the next three that are breathtaking!! I did question the "litter" on the beach in the next photo. :-) Of course I found you in the following photo, but after viewing the video, wondered at your sanity, sitting so close to the edge of such a fast- moving, ferocious waterfall!! Truly is beautiful, though.
    Had to smile at your display of your whimsical side with the little lopapeysa keyring. :-) I like the one you made for yourself, but I really like the dark one. I think it's because the dark color shows the design better. Whichever, they really are cute. You are so clever!! I am so swamped with knitting projects right now, wanting to finish most for Christmas or sooner, that I don't see myself attempting a minilopapeysa for myself anytime soon. :-( But it will definitley remain in the back regions of my mind for a future fun thing to knit.
    Lastly: please check your messages on Ravelry :-)

  13. Geneviève: Tomorrow we're heading east to try the new car! wheee!

    Carola: SI haces un chalequito me lo TIENES que mostrar! jeje

    Mayte: Los caminos malos y no pavimentados le dan un cierto encanto al paisaje (que ya es encantados por sí mismo!). La tienda de Avilés me encantó! Y su dueña es un amor! Tengo tantas ganas de volver a Asturias!

    Ance: Funny thing! When I was writing the title for the post I thought EXACTLY the same thing!!

    Alex: Ya vendrán más oportunidades para venir por estos lados! Y bueno, ahora tienes una excusa para venir pues tienes a un amigo viviendo aquí! Espero que sigas mejor de tu gripe : )

    Asun: Gracias! Estoy muy contento con el nuevo coche... viajar ahora va a ser aun más placentero :) Si haces un mini jersey me lo enseñas! :)

    Christa: You're absolutely right... this is a very special place. Most of the people that come here falls in love with it (well... some others just hate it...) I just love every corner of this island! Hope you could come some day soon!

    Jorge: Tal como dices... si algo que encontrarás aquí es pureza: agua pura, aire puro y paisajes de ensueño. Me alegra que eso se pueda ver a través de las fotos :)

    Cristina: gracias! :)

    Bea: Thank you so much for commenting. I am very happy that you liked the pictures! I hope you can use the explanation on how to make a mini lopapeysa :)

    el Shysh: Thank you for visiting my blog : )

    Judi: Check you email : )

  14. Til hamingju með nýja bílinn! Nú komist þið allt sem ykkur langar til að fara. Ef maður hefur gaman af því að ferðast á Íslandi, er í raun alveg nauðsynlegt að vera á 4X4 jeppa. Myndirnar þínar eru alltaf jafn fallegar og maður þarf greinilega að fara að drífa sig á Vestfirðina.

  15. Qué fotazas, madre mía, no sé si ponerme verde de envidia, dejar que se me caiga la baba al suelo o todo a la vez!