Thursday, September 22, 2011

KAL: Hyrna Herborgar... one more time.

It has been quite a while since my last post!

As I said in the last post I am taking part of a new KAL. We are the same again: Kristín Hrund, Gummi, me and a little later Jóhanna joined us.

After having knitted the Aeolian the three of us together we definetely wanted to repeat the experience. The original idea was to knit a shawl called Laminaria but under my request we changed plans and started with the beautiful Hyrna Herborgar.

I have already made two of those (but neither Gummi, Kristín nor Jóhanna have knitted it before). I just love, love, love, love this shawl. It is incredibly fun to knit, it is not as complicated as it looks and the result is always WONDERFULLY beautiful.

For those who don't know this shawl, these are the two previous one that I have already made:

Hyrna Herborgar - Blocking
Hyrna Herborgar I

Mar esmeralda entre marismas.
Hyrna Herborgar II

To make the new one I am using a mix of wool and linen from Evilla. I have used this yarn only once before. It is really nice and it comes in very pretty colors.

My only criticism to this yarn is the fact that since it is made of one thread of wool and two threads of linen it is very insert the needle between the threads and slip the linen and knit only the wool thread. It has happened to me a couple of times.

I remember when I was knitting Maikell and I had to cross stitches I promised to myself never to use this mix again... and here I am, hehe, using it again! It is just that the colors are so cool that I couldn't resist it!!

Estonian Shawl - Blocking frame
Maikell: blocking (and very serious me)
Estonian Shawl -  Pattern detail
Yes, it is the pattern I put as a background for the blog :)

So, the yarn and new Hyrna look like this:

In this picture is easy to see the threads: pink is wool and white is linen.

Herna Herborgar III
Looking good :) I think that the colors is very nice. It is a very soft and soothing pink.

I chose pink because, I think I have mentioned this before, I don't know what is happening in my brain that everytime I go to the wool store PINK is the first color that catches my attention. I wasn't like this before! hehe. So here I am... using pink again.

The other two projects I have already began are in stand-by:

The lopapeysa that I am designing: I am waiting for the people of the Spanish Swap group to get the lopi they bought online so we can begin all together to knit our lopapeysa (even though I have already begun, hehe.)

And the green shawl, Leaves and Nupps, is waiting until I finish this one.

The other thing I promised was to show was pictures of the Aeolians that Gummi, Kristín and I knitted. It was a little bit difficult to take a good picture because the shawls were so big! (especially Kirstín's and Gummi's!) and because of the light... we met in the evening so no natural light now.

Anyways, here they go:

Three together.

The knitters with their shawls (I hate being in front of the camera!!!)
Gummi used wool+linen Evilla. I used Artyarn Evilla. Kristín used einband that she dyed herself!

And to finish, I wanted to share a couple of funny pictures of some funny sheeps we found on our way when we were driving in a remote corner of the island:

A bridge
Most of the bridges in Iceland are very narrow and have only one lace... we wanted to cross this one but three girls were standing there... It is not uncommon to see LOTS of sheep everywhere (and I mean everywhere!) around. They are free in the mountains during the summer, eating grass and mountain herbs... and that is why they say the the icelandic lamb tastes so good :)
A little closer... funny sheeps, aren't they?
A little closer... It seems that they are thinking "well, we were here first and we are NOT moving". Well, it took just one honk on the horn to make them run scared! ha!

Oh, and now this is the last, last picture. This is bird that in icelandic is called Rjúpa (Rock ptarmigan in english). I took the first picture at the end of winter and the second one in summer... as you can see the change their feathers... cute, isn't it?

Rjúpa: Winter coat vs summer coat
Winter and summer clothes.


  1. precioso , hermos, no pude leer el post que nos vamos a la playita ya n, y hace un sol de lo mas rico
    yo me hare un chal de esos , jajaja,lo hare si sisisis , con la evilla que tengo en la casa de paris !!
    muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuchos besitos ,

  2. Divinos de ensueño!!!

    Ya veré como quedara el rosa se ve tan romántico, me puedes decir donde encuentro el patrón???

    Feliz semana de tejidos :)
    Saluditos mi amiguito♥♥♥


  4. A mi marido le ha encantado las fotos de la ovejas. Dice que muy buenas fotos.

  5. Que maravilla de chales!!!!!!!!!!!, no se cual me gusta más, bueno me gustan todos muchísimo,tengo que intentar hacer uno como sea.
    Tu comentario del membrillo, nunca habia oido que se comian crudos,a mi me saben mal, pero supongo que será la costumbre.
    Lo dicho me encantan los chales.
    Saludos Mayte

  6. que trabajo tan hermoso!!! felicidades es la primera que te visito y he quedado maravillada....saludos y estaré visitandote muy seguido

  7. Gorgeous! Everything, wow!
    Is anyone invited in these KAL's of yours? I would looooove to join you guys at some point :)

  8. Alex: TIENES que tejer uno de estos chales... Es una MARAVILLA! Tienes el patrón?
    Oye, hoy saco las fotos!! Todavía ando súper hiperventilado con la sorpresita!! jeje
    Un besote!!

    Gloria: Muchas gracias por tu comentario : ) A ver si lo termino durante el fin de semana! Saludos!

    Polita: *suspiros* Muchas gracias por tus lindas palabras :)

    Asun: Las ovejas aquí son una pasada! Te las encuentras por todos lados!! Me alegra que le hayan gustado las fotos a tu marido :)

    Mayte: Gracias!!Prueba el membrillo crudo... ooy, sólo pensarlo y me pongo a salivar como un perro! jajaj

    Magga: Gracias por visitarme! Me fui a mirar tu blog pero no encontré dónde poner los comentarios!!?? Cómo se hace!?!

  9. rodri ando sapeando por las fotos , que sabes no me acuerdo que te envie , jajaja, la lana verde si , pero el resto no!!!
    ohhh que ilusion, bueno cuando pueda te envio mas, y mas cositas ricas que por aqui hay montones y algo para gummi, se me olvido poner que algo es para el,pensandolo asi, no le envie na poh
    te contesto por privado el resto , muchos besitos !!

  10. :) gracias por pasar Rodri :) jajaj nooo.. no había escuchado a Bjork en islandés,, jeje,,, mmm,, con razón,, , a mi me parecían puuros gritos, jaja.. oye, las fotos maravillosas,, los tonos de tu chal,, ¡¡ que son hermosos!! se repiten en los paisajes,, y en la foto de las ovejas :DDD son hermosas.. me encantó el bastidor para bloquear... buenísima idea y efectivamente,, usted muy serio ;/ jajaja.. pero q ue tal enseñando los chales,, la sonrisota en los tres :DDD cual debe de ser.. saluditos grandes :DDD

  11. El chal es precioso y realmente tenéis lana muy bonitas, claro con estas ovejas .....
    El grupo del intercambio español de Ravelry no se encontrarlo como se llama exactamente?
    Deduzco que la perdiz en invierno es blanca para pasar desapercibida en la nieve.
    Bonitas fotografías de los chales esto si que es trabajar en grupo puedes felicitarlos e mi parte.

  12. ils sont magnifique ces châles jolie travail
    jolie les photos sur l' islande

  13. Here I am at last finally writing a comment though I've looked at this posting a couple of times. Sorry for the delay, time has just been filled with all kinds of events and obligations. Of course I love the Hyrna Herborgar II shawl and felt you would never be able to knit something that would knock it out of the #1 standing for me of the most beautiful shawl ever. Well...I was wrong! That beginning of the pink shawl is already the most gorgeous thing I've seen, and when completed, blocked, etc. it will be #1 and most likely remain there forever! :-) There is nothing like a beautiful pink and it will win me over every time!!:-) I can hardly wait to see the finished shawl! I think your brain is finally wising up and realizing pink is THE BEST color! So glad you finally came to your senses.:-)
    I loved seeing the three completed shawls and the way you displayed them together was great! It's neat to see how differently a pattern can turn out when different people interpret it in their individual ways. Each is pretty in their own way and the smiles on the knitters' faces showed joy at finally having them done, right? But to jump right in and decide to do another shawl together indicates it wasn't so bad and a lot of fun to do them together. Nice to have such friends.
    Those sheep standing there staring you down cracked me up!:-)They WERE there, first, you meanies, honking the horn and scaring them so!Are sheep raised there mainly for their meat, not fleece? or are they first shorn and then killed for the meat? or are there different sheep raised for each? Lamb is so good, but I haven't had any in a long, long time. It's so expensive here for the little bit you get.
    When I saw the second picture of the bird, I thought it looked like a Quail, so looked it up and they are of the same family. Also read that each set of feathers are for camoflage - white for snowy winters, keeping only the black tail feathers, and the other for the summer months. Is it hunted there for its meat like Quail is?
    I liked both of the photos of your different expressions. We each have a serious side, and, hopefully, a funny, happy, smiley side. You look good in both! :-)

  14. Once again, your shawls are truly magnificent! I am in total awe! The Herborgars are just beautiful. As for the three sheep! Hahahahahahaha! Love them!:-)

  15. Ale: Gracias por pasar y comentar :) el islandés puede ser un trabalenguas a veces, hehe. El bastidor para bloquear fue muy útil, pero ahora que tengo alambres la cosa es mucho más fácil... no hay necesidad de usar el bastidor :)

    Iaia: Las ovejas islandesas son tan lindas! Y más aun cuando son pequeñinas. El grupo de ravelry se llama the spanish swap. Este es el link (a ver si funciona):
    El plumaje blanco es precisamente para eso... camuflaje. Hay una especie de zorro en Islandia que se llama Zorro ártico y hace lo mismo... en invierno se vuelven blancos!
    Le dare tus felicitaciones a Gummi y Kristín :)

    Judi: There is no need to apologize :) (but I must admit that I was starting to miss your comments hehe). The pink Hyrna is my first try with a solid color yarn... and I really like the way it looks! This is a very nice shade of pink... it is very calm and soft... I think I am getting wizer, hehe... pink is a lovely color. I think I still have to work on the purple shades, they really don't catch my attention so much. There is something about purple or violet or lila that doesn't get me. (As pink did before... so that might change, hehe).

    It was amazing to see how different the same shawl can look! It is the yarn, the stitches and even the way we blocked it! We were all very happy with the results. Especially Gummi who had some difficult times with it and had to frog A LOT of rows of the edge because of some mistakes. But he finally got it! And the special thing about Kristín's shawl is that she used yarn that she dyed herself using icelandic herbs and plants... isn't that cool!?

    Hehe, the sheep were not moving! And we needed to use the bridge! Aren't they lovely?! You should see the picture bigger and see their faces... they're amazing!

    Sheeps are used for everything: the use the fleece, they use their meet (which is really good!), they use the liver to make sausages and pate and even the head is eaten! Look at this picture:
    This is a traditional icelandic dish called svið. People at the end eats the eye even! I haven't dared... yet. But the meet is really good.

    Rjúpur (the birds) are hunted here and yes... they eat them. It is very typical for Christmas. I haven't tried it yet... but I did try puffin once... and it was ok.

    Me and pictures... uggh... I prefer not to be in them : )

  16. All the shawls are beautiful! Kristín is an excellent dyer. And the way you use the self-striping yarns is brilliant.

    As for the pink I never liked it too. I actually hated pink all my life ("yuck... pink is for babies an barbies"). But since I knit I like it more and more. I guess it is simply pleasing for the eye.

    In Czech Rjúpa is "bělokur horský" (white mountain fowl). :) But it doesn´t live here in CZ. Great mimicry it has! And of course sheep are one of the most hilarious (and also the tastiest) creatures in the world. :)

  17. hola Rodrigo! mi nombre es Mariana, tejes maravillosamente. Me encanta todo lo que haces,yo también tejo, de casi todas las maneras crochet, a dos agujas, y telar, también hilo. Que lindo vivir en Islandia, nos deberías explicar como es convivir con volcanes, porque por acá hace unos meses nos estalló uno y tenemos ceniza hasta por la nariz, y nos complico mucho la vida. Por cierto soy de Argentina, Bariloche. Un beso y te pienso visitar seguido.

  18. Ada: haha, I had exactly the same idea about pink! I thought it was too much of a Barbie color bur now I even want to wear it! haha! I think that my idea about colors has changed a lot since I knit as well.
    I also agree with you about sheep, they are so tasty! and cute!

  19. El nuevo chal es precioso, y son preciosos los tres que habeis hecho juntos, de verdad, dale la enhorabuena a tus amigos porque teneis muchísimo arte.