Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Holy Stash

Last week I decided that I needed to do some stash diving and see what was there. My stash is a little bit all over the place. I have three boxes: two of them hiding behind the sofa with all the staff that use the most and the third one under the bed (mostly with létt-lopi, lots of leftovers that I always think I should just throw away but Gummi never lets me do so!)

Stash [Before]
Messy Stash
So, I took all three boxes and took everything out of them and tried to find a way to arrange the stash somehow.

Most of the stash is plötulopi, I think this is because we were making a lot of "bottle warmers" (that are really quick to make so it is almost instant gratification and it is possible to play a lot with the design and color combinations) to give to our friends or as "emergency gifts" for any occasion, so we were always buying some to have more colors to make new bottles. We got to have something around 30 to 40 of these bottle warmers! During Christmas time we gave many of them to friends that needed presents to give (especially to their relatives or friends that are abroad).

There is a lot of létt lopi as well. The reason... I have no idea! I can't recall any reason why there is so much of it in the stash. Maybe is it mostly left overs (and some new balls) of old projects. All this went to a box (along with some other things like bulky lopi, álafoss lopi, kambgarn and a couple of balls of sock yarn) that is now under the bed.

The third box contains the most "luxury" yarns: lace yarn from Evilla (one of my favourites), merino lace, alpaca, cashmere, some blends and others.

In the process of putting some order I had to get a fourh box to put all the yarn I was going to use to make a  pullover that I finally never made. It is Debbie Bliss Donegal Chunky Tweed . I have NO idea what to do with it. I bought it in a sale (and it wasn´t really SO cheap), I really like the color but now I think it is way to chunky!! What to do?! So, this new box went straight under the bed!

Stash [After]
Not so messy stash
I am very satisfied with having put some order in my stash but while I was doing it I couldn't stop thinking about how much I would like to have a proper place to keep all the yarn, a place with an easy access to everything, that allowed to arrange things in a more logical way and that didn't involve having to dive into the stash to find something. By now, unfortunetely I don't have the space to think about something like that... but SOMEDAY!

Now to finish, when I was doing all this a couple of surprises came up. I found some things that I had totally forgotten about! But  that will be a story to tell in another post... hehe.


  1. It's always a good thing to go through our stash once in awhile. What's funny sometimes is what we find - great surprises, some "Why did I buy that?!", and yarn for new project ideas. I also recently reorganized mine, again!, but must admit it wouldn't fit in your boxes!

  2. Hehe, Takk Svanhvít : )

    Judi: Wow, your stash must be huge then! I thought that I had a lot! It is so hard to keep it tidy! I found several "why did I buy this?" and some other things, hehe.

  3. :-D Flott hjá þér að sortera allt garnið þitt... mitt lítur svipað út og þitt áður en þú lagaðir til :-) Mæli hinsvegar með því að læra að hekla litlar "ömmudúllur" í svona afgangateppi úr léttlopaafgöngunum - annars gerir maður ekkert við þetta. Getur kíkt á mínar á blogginu mínu: