Friday, September 23, 2011

Thank you / Merci MademoiselleAlex!!

A few weeks ago I was visiting Alex's blog (mademoisellealex). She is a chilean girl that lives in Paris and has this wonderful blog about handcrafts, especially knitting and crochet, and her devotion to her supercute dog, Ruckiette, who models most of her creations (and she is a great model!).

Please take yourself a little time to check it out... you won't be disappointed!!

ICELAND - IRELAND (and well, it also happens sometimes
with Finland!)
In one of her posts she was showing some of wook she had in her stash and I commented about this beautiful, BEAUTIFUL green yarn made of merino and silk. After I wrote the comment I got a message from her telling me that she was not going to use it because it was not going to be enough for what she wanted to knit so if I wanted it she offered me to send it to me... OF COURSE I coulnd't say no! (You will see a picture of the yarn if you keep reading and will totally understand me!, hehe).

Well, she sent me a package and she warned me that there were a few other things in the package aling with the wool... some things that would remind me of my childhood... uhhh... mystery!

The package had a small detour from its way from France... yes. Something really silly happened. Silly but not uncommon, at all. 

We were starting to get ready a little worried because it had been almost three weeks since Alex sent the package and I was not getting anything! She checked online to trace the package and according to it the package had arrived. I called to the post office here and nothing! She finally called to the post office in Paris and guess what!?

The package was sent to IRELAND instead of ICELAND!  Even though Alex wrote CLEARLY in the package that the destination was Iceland!

This is the evidence that the package was sent to Ireland! Poor package... it was all wrinkled and broken but fortunetely all the contents were in perfect conditions!

Fortunetely the package was sent straight to Iceland from Ireland... so after two or three days the postman was ringing the bell to bring mee this!

Milo... it has been YEARS since the last time I drank milk with Milo! I think that all kids in Chile had breakfast either with Milo or Colacao! Jelly... nam nam and hand cream.

This is the wonderful yarn that I commented on. Posh Yarn 50%merino 50%silk. A total luxury!!

The color is just from out of this world!! In the picture it looks a little bit flat but it has some different shades of green and tiny bit of blue. I will have to find a super special thing to knit with it!! It is beautiful, isn´t it?!
The green yarn didn't come alone... it had very good company. One skein of Holstgarn in a beautiful brown (honey) color.

I also feel like eating it!!

And even more yarn! Opal sock yarn.

Also eatable and "petable" hehe.

I had seen these yarns only in Ravelry. I haven't seen any of them in Iceland until now... that makes them even MORE special! I think I will look at them everyday and pet them until I find something that will make these yarns look amazing!

Now, it wasn't only yarn what I found in the package... there was more! Some beautiful threads to make lace!!

Wonderful linen! 
Purple and gray silk. So shiny and soft!

Egyptian cotton. 

And this beautiful mysterious box (from top)

And bottom.

And... this is what I found inside of the box!!!!!!! These are the most beautiful threads I have ever seen!! Look at those colors!! What a treasure! Super-extremely cute!!

Well... after all this I think that all I have left to say is THANK YOU SO MUCH ALEX!



  1. que guaaaaaaaaaay y que lindo todo lo que te mando...esos ultimos hilos son :O!!!!la verdad es que alex es una genia ^^, espero que disfrutes tus cositas y nops muestres pronto en que empleas esa lana hermosa (la verde...ese HERMOOOOSO!!), un besitoo!!

  2. oh là là viendo asi los hilos me muero por los colores
    se me ocurrio algo , en ikea venden unas estanterias para miniaturas, y alli podrias poner un poco de cada hilo, que lindos son !!
    y el milo hahahaa, recuerdos , recuerdos
    que lindo que te gusto todo en serio , mismo haya viajado por irlanda, para la proxima, ira el membrillo !!!
    besitos a los dos

  3. !Que hermosísimos y detallistas tesoros han caído en tus manos!
    Disfruta de ellos!

  4. ooohh¡¡ que joyas, disfrútalas mucho, gracias por compartirlo¡

    Me encantará ver que sale de esas preciosidades laniles.

  5. elle ta bien gatée
    du fil du chinois je crois que sa ce fait plus

  6. ¿Qué suerte tienes de tener una amiga tan generosa!
    En México también tomábamos Milo, desde hace muchos años( yo ya soy señora sesentona)y en cuanto vi el bote del Milo, me acordé del anuncio que tocaban en el radio, y ahora no me puedo quitar la tonada de la cabeza. grrr).

    Eme i, eme o, Milo siempre tomo yo.
    Mi muchacho es vivaracho, porque siempre toma Milo, y con Milo alimento y fortifico a mi muchacho.
    !Eme i, eme o, Milo siempre tomo yo¡

    Que disfrutes tu Milo y los estambres e hilos que Mademoiselle Alex te mandó.

    Cuando crezca quiero tejer como tu.
    Saludos desde Calgary, Alberta, Canada

  7. Perdón, me equivoqué en la letra de la canción, ya me falla...
    Debería ser:
    eme i, ELE o.


  8. Que lindas sorpresa e historia. Los colores de las lanas e hilos son una cosa muy especial. Que los disfrutes

  9. Oh my goodness - I think you are becoming very, very spoiled!! No one deserves it more, though, so guess it's OK. Should we ask Gummi about that?:-)
    I went to your friend's blog site, but could not read any of it since it is not in English. Did look at some of her beautiful photos, though, and that darling dog on the beach. All made me wish I could read the words and looked for a button to switch to English, but no such luck.
    I am so glad her package finally reached you after its divergent path. It would have been a shame to miss out on all those gorgeous yarns and threads! That green yarn is to die for - what a beautiful color! I'm sure you will make something with it that will do it justice. But to have the other two yarns included as well, is unbelievable. They, too, are beautiful colors. I'm not really a brown person, but that's a pretty one, and the varigated sock yarn is really nice. Love them both - all three!
    I liked the bobbin lace threads she sent, and the gray and purple are so pretty and could nicely be put together in something. But that last box - I thought it was going to be a box of candy of some sort (what do I know!)- and I let out a Wow! when you showed the contents. Eye candy, for sure! Such beautiful colors!! I almost would hate to open and use them even though that was the intent. I did notice two very pretty pinks in the lower right corner :-)
    Truly a day for smiles for you. I am happy for you, but this now means you have no excuses for saying you're bored! :-)

  10. Gracias a todos por sus comentarios... y sobretodo gracias a Alex por su infita generosidad :)

    Maximissus: y te acuerdas de la canción y todo!! Yo sólo recuerdo que en Chile el eslogan era "Milo te hace grande", hehe. Qué recuerdos! Gracias por tu lindo mensaje :)

    Judi: Hehe, yes... I had never been so spoiled before!
    It really surprises me to see that there is so much people out there that cares and has the ability to give just for the love of giving, and I mean not only material things.
    You´re right! Her blog is only in french and spanish! I had forgotten that!
    The green yarn is really pretty... now I have another beautiful green yarn to use... I still have to think about something that would let these yarns shine!
    I really need to start thinking about some bobbin lace project... I have so much material now!!
    I saw those pink threads and I thought of you! hehe. I am really starting to appreciate pink :)

  11. Geggjað alveg hreint! Litirnir í garninu og þræðinum eru hreinlega dásamlegir!

  12. Kristín, þú verður að sjá garnið með eigin augum... það er ótrúlega fallegt á lit!! Ég skal sýna þér garnið og tvinnana. Ég trúi þessu ekki ennþá... hvað maður maður verið heppinn að kynnast svona dásamelgu fólki.

  13. Hvað ég skil þig að hafa ekki getað sagt nei! Garnið er aeðislegt á litinn! Og frábaert allt sem var í pakkanum, jól í September!;)

  14. Wow, what a beautiful yarn! I was drooling over the Posh yarns on Ravelry some time ago. If I remember well they are not very easy to get. Lucky you! The colour is exceptional. What a sweet girl Mademoiselle Alex is and what a cute blog she has (pity that I don´t understand the language). I am sure you will use the yarn (and all the other fibers) to make something utterly spectacular again. ;)

    BTW I used to drink Colacao too when I was small. :-)

  15. Wooow que bellos regalos, un verdadero tesoro y realmente Alex es un sol, que placer ver que existen personas asi, generosas no con lo que le sobra si no con sus tesoros propios verdad?.

  16. Ada: I had never heard of the posh yarns until now... my friend told me that it was sometimes hard to get them and that they make only a few skeins of each color. I am still just petting the wool she sent me... it is so soft!
    Oh! You also drank Colacao! hehe. When I was visiting my friend in Spain in spring I brought with me some colacao... I love it!!

    Claudia: Alex es un sol! No cabe duda :)