Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Two hats / Some WIPs / Winter is here! / Cozy weekend.

It has been quite a while since my last post here. These last couple of weeks have been somehow very strange. I guess it is always like that when the end of the year starts to approach.

December is always a busy month: Reunions with friends, family and coworkers, Christmas (of course), several birthdays (including mine! Which I personally find really boring because everybody is thinking about something else!

Anyways! Knitting-wise I have been drowning in a sea of unfinished projects later! Suddenly I had a lot of knitting going on because of friends asking me to knit something for them...

What I have managed to finish this far is two hats.

Mesi again. 
This one is for a friend who lives in Germany. He saw the pics of the hat I made for J.B. and asked me if I could make one for him as well.

This one is for the daughter of a friend. I wanted to play it safe in this one and let the girl choose the colors. I think that the colors she chose are really interesting considering that she is around 10 years old. It is not very clear in the picture but the darker color is not just gray it is a blue-greyish color. Very pretty.


* They are basically the same as the hat for J.B. Except for the the fact that I used smaller needles to knit the gray hat. I used 2.5mm for the ribbing and 3.0mm for the rest of the hat (instead of 3.0 and 3.75mm).


* I used the german cast on again in both hats. I think I am becoming a HUGE fan of german cast on. It looks very nice and most importantly it is VERY elastic and durable. I HIGHLY recommend it. And the best of all is that it is not difficult to make!

* I must say it again: I love this pattern! Knitting it is really fun and quick and the result is always pretty. Besides it is really cool to play with color combinations.

So, talking about my queue... I still have two unfinished shawls: leaves and nupps (in the picture) and an Echo flower (that I have barely began... I think I have just made 4 repeats of the first chart this far and no pics yet).

New shawl: Leaves and nupps

I also have two more WIPs that I haven't photographed yet: 

* Ermar. It is for a friend (actually the mother of the blue-gray hat girl). This is a pattern that I have already knitted before. It is very simple and quick to knit.

I made this one about two years ago for my friend Dyah.

* A scarf. Yes! A boring scarf! I have never knitted one before because I have always been afraid that I won't manage to finish it! These are the boring things that one make for his friends, uh? I still haven't decided the pattern but my friend already gave the yarn for it :)

Now, talking about something else... WINTER IS HERE!! Finally! After a rather warm winter at the end of last week the weather completely changed and it started to snow! It has been really cold since last friday and everything is just beautifully covered by snow!

This was just perfect because we spent the weekend in a summer house in a place that is about one and a half hour away from Reykjavík. It was very cozy!! So all we did was to knit, do some cross stitch, eat good, spend a lot of time in the hot tub while the snow was falling on our heads and took some cool walks. 

So, some pictures? :)

The "summer house"

Just walking around... trying to find the river.

The river: Hrútá

It was really cold and light was just wonderful.

We found an invisible (and apparently naked) man!

Icelandic horses
 And to finish: A picture of Valgarð knitting... so you can see we were all in the knitting mood during the weekend!

Valgarð knitting a scarf :)
Knitting a scarf :)


  1. Hola!!!!!
    Tus trabajos son impecables.Que bella las fotos de tu paseo en la nieve.
    Un abrazo Susana

  2. Todo hermosísimo, los tejidos y las fotos también. ¡Me encantaron los caballos pachoncitos y el hombre invisible!!

  3. lucky you to have snow! we have the strangest mild november this year.. the green shawl looks beautiful!

  4. Que perfección impecable amigo!!! Intentare tejerle un gorro igual a mi esposito tienes los gráfico, para mi es + fácil tejer con gráfico???

    Las fotos que compartes maravillosas...

    Te invito a mi sorteo

    -.- -.-

  5. hi ..also no snow in Switzerland yet... those hats are fantastic and the pictures you took too...
    have a great time and all the best to you, ciao ciao Christa

  6. Una bufanda! Vas a tejer una bufanda! Te voy a echar porras :D
    Y pasando a otro tema, esos gorros te quedaron muy lindos! Aparte se ve que son muy calientitos.
    Muchas gracias por las fotos, esos paisajes se ven increíbles, y los caballos se ven abrazables!
    un abrazo

  7. Susi: Gracias por tu comentario :) Ahorita está nevando MUCHO! Una maravilla! No me canso de la nieve! jeje

    Özer: Gracias por visitarme! Los caballos pochoncitos, jeje. Sí, son más bien pequenos y se ponen bien peludos en invierno... como dijo Marhta son súper abrazables!

    Tori: November was also very mild and warm here in Iceland but it all suddenly changed last friday! It has been snowing a lot (actually it is right now!) and the temperature dropped significantly. Last night there were -9.5 in Reykjavík (and beautiful northern light!)

    Christa: Thank you for visiting me!! I am sure that the snow will come very soon to Switzerland too! :)

  8. yndislegar myndir einsog alltaf hjá þér. Það hefur greinilega verið notalegt í sumarbústaðinum hjá ykkur og húfurnar eru mjög flottar! :-)

  9. they are really beautiful your bonnet
    going to be pretty shawl
    the bolero I worship
    lovely your photos of Iceland
    these well-knit young !!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. I like to use both German actor hat again. I think I became a huge fan of the German vote. It looks very nice, most importantly, it is very flexible and durable. I highly recommend it. All the best, it is easy to make!


  11. madre de dios que nieve por favor :)
    y yo que ando ya con el viento frio frio , ains pero es tan lindo, ademas las calles estan iluminadas, y Paris esta mas precioso, es lindo de noche, :)
    bueno los gorros lindos, a ver si tejo alguno, aunque ahora ando a mil, tejiendo mil cosas y casi ninguna sin terminar, :)
    bueno ya te respondo el mail ,
    y Feliz cumple atrasado si , perooooo bueeeeenooo

  12. Que extraordinario pais, sin duda uno de los mejores viajes de mi vida.
    Lástima sin embargo, que en aquel momento no estuviera enganchada al punto y no conociera vuestra "lopi".

    Un abrazo

  13. Me encanta la combinación de colores, el punto impecable. Preciosas fotografías con la nieve.
    Pero la que más me gusta es "Knitting a scarf :)"
    ya tenemos otra generación haciendo punto, dile que le envío un beso volando.

  14. Brrrrr, es que veo la nieve y me dan ganas de quedarme en casa con la mantita, una buena peli en la TV, mis manualidades y si se tercia, para merendar "chocolate con churros".
    En el norte de Burgos, todavía no ha llegado el invierno y estamos disfrutando de un otoño muy cálido. Este año no hemos recogido setas ya que desde el verano apenas ha llovido.
    Me gustan mucho los gorros.

  15. You live in such an amazing part of the world. Those shots of the snow are so gorgeous!

  16. Cool photos. The invisible man is hilarious. :-D

    As for the hats, at first I wanted to say that grey hat for a 10 years old girl is quite unusual but then I recalled me in the 5th grade (10 years) wearing black leather jacket that was way too big for me, black everything else and being secretly in love with a guy from Depeche Mode. :-)

  17. hermosas las fotos Rodri! y los tejidos! ^.^
    un beso grande! (¿feliz cumpleaños? no sé en qué día es :S)

  18. You have been nominated for the “Versatile Blog Award”.

    take a look:

  19. I have both knitting envy and summer house envy!

  20. Lovely winter photos, we're still waiting for snow in Finland.
    I'm so glad you like the Mesi-pattern! Your hats are beautiful, love the color combinations.

  21. Those hats are beautiful! I cant get over them.


    no se donde chuuu te metiste pero andai mas perdido que no se que jajaja
    espero que todo este bien y que tu amigo argentino este contento por alla
    besitos mi Rodri

  23. hola Rodri!!
    paso a desearte un feliz año nuevo!! espero que esté todo bien!

  24. Hola Rodrigo:
    ¿Dónde estás? ¿Chile? ¿un monasterio budhista? ¿un encuentro de tejido varonil?
    ¡Vaya chico, que nos has dejado chiflando en la loma! Te extrañamos y esperamos con ansia tu retorno.

    Espero que tú y tus seres queridos estén bien.
    Un saludo

    Hi Rodrigo,
    Where are you? Chile? A Buddhist monastery? A men's knitting retreat?

    C'mon Rod! you left us high and dry,we miss you, and we wait anxiously your return.
    I hope you and your loved ones are doing well.

  25. Te acavo de encontrar y me ha encantado lo que tejes. Me copio algunas cosillas, con tu parmiso claro jeje.

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