Sunday, August 7, 2011

Aeolian: Pictures and details.

This weekend I have finished the Aeolian shawl!!

It was a really fun knitting, especially because it was a KAL between Kristín Hrund, Gummi and me. I don't know how far Kristín has gone already, the last time we met (three days ago she was already knitting the chart edge set up and Gummi is now began the same chart last night.

So, now some pics and details:

Aeolian: Just finished
Just coming out of the needles... not so cute

* Pattern: Aeolian shoulderette size.

* Yarn: Evilla Artyarn 8/2. In the same color I used to knit this shawl.

* Weight: 140g

* Needles: 4.5mm (5.5 for casting off).

* 6 repeats of the Yucca chart (leaves pattern of the body). I made it a little bigger than what the pattern calls for a shoulderette by adding 2 more reapeats to this section (knitting 6 instead of 4)

* 1 final Agave chart.

* Wide edge.

Aeolian: Blocking
Blocking on the bed. You can have an idea of how big it is.

Aeolian: Blocking
Pretty, pretty.


* Began knitting with a three stitches garter stitch tab on a provisional crochet cast on.

* Seven loops nupps (Yes, I like nupps to be big and noticeable).

* K2tog through the back loop cast off (with needles one size bigger).

* Bocking: CHALLENGING. This shawl is not a triangle. It has actually an almost rounded base that allows the edge to blossom. For blocking I used two wires that I put on the base of the shawl drawing almost a circle and fixed them with pins. Then I pinned the edge shaping the scallops.

* The shawl has a pretty strange shape (at least that is what I think...). It is very long and rather narrow. I still have to find a girl to try it on and see how it looks like.

* Even though I made the shoulderette the resulting shawl was HUGE. I am just wondering how big Gummi's and Kristín's shawls will be! The decided to go for the shawl size which calls for:

- 12 repeats of the Yucca chart (I made 6).
- 2 repeats of the Agave chart (I made none).
- 1 repeat of the final Agave chart (I made 1).
- 1 repeat of the edge chart (I made 1).

* The pattern is very well written. The only section I would "rewrite" is the description given to begin working the all the edge charts. I wrote a little explanation of it in a previous post.

Aeolian: Tip
Against the light.

Aeolian: Center
Agave chart.

Aeolian: Edge.
Edge: Leaves, nupps and scallops.

Aeolian: Transition

Aeolian: Folded

Over all: 

This is a beautiful shawl. The transitions between section look amazingly pretty and in harmony and the edge is breathtaking!!

Now, I can't wait to see the shawls of Gummi and Kristín to put them all together and check how different they all look! Pics of the three shawls together will come hopefully soon!

I also wanted to thank Kristín Hrund for a wonderful gift that she gave me on our last knitting meeting. When we met in my place  we prepared some cakes and scones and I let them try one of my favourite things in the world: Manjar (o dulce de leche) which is very, very popular in Chile but impossible to find here in Iceland.  I still had some that my sister brought me when she came to visit me last winter.

So, going back to our last meeting... Kristín came with a jar of HOMEMADE manjar made by her!!! How wonderful is that!! Especially because it takes a lot of time to make it! Thank you so much Kristín!!

Homemade manjar (Dulce de leche)
Homemade manjar.

Scones with homemade manjar (Dulce de leche)
Scones me manjar. The testure and flavor are perfect!

The other present that I want to show is what Ana (Hiro) gave me when I visited Asturias in May. I already showed the beautiful presents she gave me but until last week I hadn't put in use the needle cases. They are just AMAZING!! It is so easy now to find anything!! She makes them herself and it is possible to find them in her online shop! : )

Needle cases
The case holds everything: double pointed needles, the tips, cables, stitch holders.


  1. ohlala, go and clap on your shoulders for me, the shawl is more than pretty. I love the colors and the outcome. A big applause to you.
    And you got very nice presents..
    all the best and a good start for the week, Christa from Switzerland..whre it is raining cats and dogs..

  2. ¡Dulce de leche casero! ¡Qué gesto hermoso que tuvo en prepararlo para vos, es una ídola! ¡y que rico, ñam ñam!
    Preciosos los chales que estuvste tejiendo, los colores son hermosos. Saludos.

  3. Eres un artista. El Chal es precioso!!!

  4. I came across your blog today. I am an Icelandic living in Norway for the last 16 years. You make beautiful things and you have been quite fast at getting the hang on Icelandic knitting traditions. Thumbs uP!

  5. Una maravilla de chal,me encanta el colorido que tiene.
    Saludos Mayte

  6. ya te lo dije, es Fantastico , la lana es hermosa, no se si aqui la venden, supongo que si, ya vere, mismo tenga mil proyectos, ese chal es precioso
    y los nupps, miam miam me encantan a mi tambien !!!
    ohh el dulce de leche, que rico, aqui lo hago con crêpes y con coco rayado, no quedan ni las migas jajaja
    bueno felices vacaciones, saca fotos , muchas para que veamos como son los fiordos de alli !!

  7. your shawl is beautiful and very nice color
    practice these needles

  8. aaahhhhgggg!!! qué bellezaaa!!! te ha quedado precioso!! felicitaciones!
    me encanta el dulce de leche!! qué rico! y lo que me engordaaa! :( jajaja
    un beso!!

  9. Well, Rod, you have done it again!! That is one of the most beautiful shawls I have ever seen! The colors of that yarn were suited perfectly for that pattern. I suppose you had something to do with where the colors fell.:-) Actually, I loved it "just coming out of the needles." Made me think of a beautiful butterfly just out of the cocoon, stretching its wings. When I saw it blocked out on the bed, I thought, "Oh my goodness, it is huge!" and sure enough, that's what you said. Maybe Gummi's and Kristin's can be moved into the "lightweight blanket" category. Hope the friend you made it for is tall.:-) Seeing it all folded - oh, wow! Spectacular! Breathtaking! Think you'd better quit making shawls now because I don't think you can top this one.
    I had to look up "Manjar" online to make sure I had a correct idea of what it is. Does sound yummy.
    The needle case is great, but what fascinated me were your needles! I've never seen such colorful ones. So pretty. Are they interchangeable ones?

    I have a busy week ahead of me, probably with not much time for knitting. :-( Am working on a couple of small projects, so may be able to sneak in a row or two. Will be waiting to see what you are going to make next.

  10. el chal precioso, a futuro quiero uno, los colores bellos, en verdad, tejes muy bonito, y que rico se ve ese dulce de leche, muchos saludos, bye.

  11. Judi: Thank you for your generous words :) I am very happy with this shawl, especially because I had been wanting to knit it for a long, long time.
    There is something really cool about the yarn that I used (Evilla Artyarn) and it is that the colors are so well placed that actually you don't have to do anything to the a result like this. It is amazing. I have used this kind of yarn a few times and it is always wonderful to see how perfectly the colors develop.
    I am sure that Kristín's and Gummi's shawls will be HUGE! I can't wait to see them finished! I will be posting pics of them here FOR SURE... so you will see them as well!
    Manjar is the best thing ever! It has been o hard sometimes to live in a place where it is not available. If you ever get to meet any chilean ask him about manjar... we all die for it!
    Yes, my needles are interchangable. They are pretty popular. They are Knitpro. I love the,. It is wonderful to knit with them. They are really smoth and the tips are amazing!
    Thank you again for passing by :)

  12. Es precioso y la fotografía a contra luz queda genial.
    Fíjate le coge el tono del azul del cielo y el dulce de leche.
    Recuerdos de merienda de infancia en casa se hacia con un bote de leche condensada al baño maría.
    Felicitaciones desde Barcelona para el pequeño bolillero.

  13. Sjalið er guðdómlegt - litirnir eru yndislegir! Það er svo sannarlega óvenjulegt lag á því, en einhvernveginn skemmtilegt. Ég er búin með mitt en náði ekki að strekkja það (geri það á morgun og get ekki beðið).
    Mikið ótrúlega er gaman að Manjar-ið hafi smakkast vel og sé einsog það á að vera (sendi þér uppskriftina á morgun) :-)

  14. sjalið er æðislegt ! Hlakka til að sjá myndir af þeim öllum þrem saman :)Kveðja, Lóa

  15. Geggjað sjalið! Ég var að skoða Kristínar, sem er líka alveg hrikalega flott, svo gaman að sjá þau svona í allt öðrum litum! Rosalega flottir litirnir!

  16. Mamma mia, es el Aeolian más bonito que he visto en mi vida!

  17. Stunning piece of work, and great use of color. Love it.

  18. It is a stunning piece of art! Gorgeous!