Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Liliac Leaf Shawl: Finally finished!!!

The Liliac Leaf Shawl is FINALLY finished!!

Liliac leaves
I love to see the pattern blossom after blocking. It looks so pretty!!

To had to put a little bit of thinking on how to block the stole. I usually use the bed which is normally big enough to hold shawls but this time this stole was way to long. I had to add a little piece to the bed. To do so I used a foam matress and my new Ikea bobbin lace pillow. It worked pretty well.

Blocking: edge
Blocking: wires and pins make miracles!

Blocking: grafted edge
Grafting is like magic. It is barely possible to say where the grafting is. Isn't it?

Blocking: Liliac leaves
The liliac leaf pattern. The pattern has so much movement  and that is thanks to the garter stitch frame around each leave.
Blocking has become so much easier since I got the blocking wires. Holy blocking wires. They don't only make the hole process easier but also the result is a lot better. The straight borders become really straight and the scallops look a lot more beautiful!

Notes about the shawl:

* Body pattern: Liliac Leaf Pattern 1 from the book The Haapsalu Shawl.

* Edge pattern: Taken from Madli Shawl from Knitted Lace of Estonia.

* 3 1/2  balls of Loðband (icelandic lace yarn) Each ball is 50g.

* Needles: 5.0 for casting on and off and 4.0 for knitting.

* Casted on 100 stitches using the knitted on cast on technique (my favourite for shawls).

* Made 34 repeats  of the 16 rows leaf pattern slipping the first stitch with the yarn in front of every row.

* Made two edges that I grafted to the each end of the body. When grafting watch the tension, it is ver easy to have an extremely tense graft with will be a problem when it comes to blocking.

*Final measurements: 62 x 230cm

Liliac leaf shawl
The hole thing :)

It is too bright outside but I guess that it is still possible to see the pattern.

Ready to be packed
Folded, ready to be packed and given :)
I am very, very, very, very happy with the result. It exceeded all my expectations :)


  1. Cómo presta cuando lo bloqueas y te sorprendes de lo que has tejido, ¿a que sí? :-D

  2. Te quedó precioso, las hojas se ven muy bien, hasta me dan ganas de volver a agarrar mi chal estoniano que tiene más de mes sin que lo toque :) Genial para una boda!

  3. Pero por favor, ya lo dije y lo re digo ,
    me rindo a tus pies , que artista por favor , que cosa mas hermosa,
    Precioso, lindo, hermoso, perfecto , ohhhhhh
    maravilla :)
    besitos maestro

  4. Es fantástico realmente precioso lo miro y lo vuelvo a mirar una y otra vez y el acabado de la puntilla es genial.
    Felicidades !!!!!!!

  5. Hiro, el bloqueo es mágico... Magia pura!

    Martha, agarra tu chal y termínalo y disfruta de lo lindo que quedan al bloquearlos!

    A joyful girl, :þ Espero que sea pasajero, jeje :p

    Alex, jejeje, gracias, gracias por tus generosas palabras :)

  6. ¡Guau! Estoy muy impresionada, es un trabajo increíble!

  7. Absolutely gorgeous! Your friend is so lucky to have such a talented and generous knitter in her life!

  8. this shawl is beautiful you did a great job

  9. wow!! felicitaciones Rodri! es impresionante! te admiro!!
    has hecho un trabajo perfecto y bellísimo!! y como dice Alex: eres un maestro!
    un beso!

  10. wow! Rodriiiigoooo te pasasteeeeeee
    es una obra de arte...

  11. Wow!! The shawl is absolutly, gorgeously, beautiful!! Double WoW!!! What a wonderful gift for a bride. You truly are an exceptional friend!! I loved your creativity in getting an area long enough to block it. Like you, I love blocking wires. I use them as much as I can, on large or small items. Amazing what a difference they make. I think it would be difficult to part with it and the ability to look at it and soak up the beauty of it all. You will have to post a photo of the bride wearing it! Congratulations on your work of art, oh special, exceptional friend. :-)

  12. ohhhhh.... precioso ¡¡ felicidadsss!! me ha embrujado :D divino,, meencantan las hijas y... wooooww me impresiona lo parejito y claro que se nota el diseño :D felicidadesss... Ale

  13. Wow, this is BEAUTIFUL! I want it too! :-D
    I think it was a smart idea to keep the borders simple. It looks very fresh and modern. What a lucky bride!

    By the way I am very impressed by your quick progress with the bobbin lace. It looks really neat.

  14. Luciana, Lisa, Marisa: Muchas gracias!

    Bea, merci beaucoup :)

    Romi, Paula: Gracias! :)

    Judi, I really like to pamper my friends :) Wires... wow, my blocking-life became so much easier after I got them! And everything looks SO MUCH better also! The wedding is in september... so we´ll have to wait a bit to have some pics of the bride :)

    Ale, muchas gracias. los patrones con hojas son preciosos! Y este me parece especialmente bonito porque cada hoja está rodeada por reveses. Gracias por pasar por mi blog!

    Ada, thanks for your comment! You should definetely try to make this :) Bobbin lace... *sighs*... I am loving it! But I must say that sometimes I end up with a headache when things don't work! It is very easy to get all tangled up!

  15. Absolutely amazing. Perfect for a bride.

  16. Harpa: Thank you! Nice to see you around here :þ

    Cristina: ¡¡¡Gracias!!!

  17. ¡Qué fino y elegante! es una obra maestra y sospecho que va a quitarle todo el protagonismo al vestido de la novia, por muy bonito que sea ;p

  18. Espectacular!!!, me parece imposible hacer algo tan bonito de forma totalmente artesanal, estoy "ojiplática"!!! ....

    Gracias por tus comentarios en mi blog, no puedo responderte por que me sale el no-reply..., quería darte las gracias por hacerte seguidor.

    Un besote.